Sentiment Analysis of 11 Iconic Punk Band's Lyrics

A look at 11 of the most well known punk bands and the positive versus negative ratio of their lyrics. You will be surprised to see which band has the most negative lyrics.

Crass Lyrics Word Cloud

The most common words from all the songs that the anarcho-punk band Crass wrote. Presented in an image

The 1946 Oakland General Strike

The last general strike in the United States took place in Oakland. Striking department workers were supported by the whole city in a show of force against those who tried to suppress their ability to unionize.

The Lost Church Venue Review

The Lost Church concert review. What to expect when going to an event in the Lost Church in the Mission in San Francisco.

A Radical Guide To Alcatraz

A brief people's history of Alcatraz island. From a prison, to an American Indian occupation.

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