Leftists Who Called El Cerrito Home

A list of some of the better known leftists that have lived in El Cerrito, California at one point of their lives.

A Graph Of Three Misfits Words

The punk band The Misfits sang the words 'love', 'death', and 'hell' a lot. This is a graph of how often they used each word per album.

Most Common Against Me! Words Per Album

I collected the most common words for every Against Me! album.

Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery; Not Just For The Powerful

You may be surprised that Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery is the resting place of individuals who fought for human rights, workers rights, civil rights, and the environment.

Posi-Hardcore versus Pop - Who Is More Positive?

A comparison of lyrics of post-hardcore bands versus pop groups. Who actually has the more positive lyrics?

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