Lyric Word Clouds From 11 Iconic Punk Bands

I collected all the lyrics for the following 11 classic punk rock bands and made word cloud images out of the results. These show the most common words used in the lyrics for the following punk bands.

I tried to choose bands that are specifically from different genres or sing about different subject matter. I didn't want it to be a bunch of anarcho-punk bands where all the words are "police" and "government".

If you want to see which of these bands has the most positive and negative lyrics, check out the sentiment analysis I did on their lyrics. You might be surprised at who the most negative bands are.

Angelic Upstarts

1977 oi band.

Bikini Kill

1990 riot grrrl band.

Black Flag

1976 hardcore band.


1976 pop punk.

The Clash

1976 punk rock.


1977 anarcho-punk.

Green Day

1986 pop punk.


1994 metalcore.

Minor Threat

1980 straight-edge hardcore.


1977 horror punk.


1974 punk rock.