Powerviolence Video

Youtube's algorithm surprised me the other day with a video that I actually wanted to watch and enjoyed watching. It's a YouTube video from someone calling themselves The Punk Rock MBA. The name sounds kinda cheesy and some of the videos put out by him seem pretty clickbaity. I'm probably not his target audience though. Old geezers like me don't go on YouTube as much as younger people, so why would anyone make videos for me?

Anyway, he made a video about early powerviolence that's pretty spot on. He talks about the Bay Area and Los Angeles powerviolence scenes and what made them so special. All the bands and record labels he lists were great and super influential. The one thing I don't agree with is his dismissal of later powerviolence bands. I think there's plenty of great bands that continue to do things in the tradition of the early bands he talks about in his video.

The Bay Area punk scene is large enough that you can send your whole life going to shows for one or two punk subgenres and never interact with any other scene. I bet there are plenty of punks who were around in the 1990s who never once went to a Spazz show, which is both crazy and unfortunate. I think this video is a great introduction to one of the more unique and original punk subgenres. The video is less than 17 minutes long, so it's not a huge commitment or super long documentary.

I highly suggest you check it out and then go rock out to some powerviolence.