A Graph Of Three Misfits Words

So originally wanted to see which Misfits albums use 'whoa', 'oh', and 'go' most often. The problem is that 'whoa' and 'oh' are not really considered part of the main lyrics of the band. So on some albums they are included in the lyrics, but for other albums they are not. This means that I did not have accurate data for how often these words are used on each album. Bummer.

However, the words 'love', 'death', and 'hell' are used a ton by the band, so I took a look at those instead.

Over all the lyrics I looked at the words appeared this many times:

hell - 131

death - 87

love - 72

These were not the most common words used, but they were certainly in the top 20 of the most common words used by the Misfits in their songs.

So without further ado, here is how often these words show up on Misfits albums: