Punk Lyric Mash Up

Neural networks have been an extremely popular field of computer science and artificial inelegance (AI) research. One fun thing to do with some of the tools created by these computer scientists is to have a computer AI create its own lyrics.

I trained a simple neural network AI to look at all the lyrics of two or more bands and create new lyrics from what the AI learned. A lot of it is gibberish, but some of it is pretty funny. I tried to combine bands that are fairly unique in their lyrics.

Blink 182 are a huge pop punk band. Their songs include lyrics about growing up, love, and poop. A lot of their songs are juvenile in nature. Anti-Flag is a well known leftist punk band. Many of their lyrics are serious and political. This is what an AI came up with after studying the all lyrics of both bands:

who i just can't you see that close
but we're coming been gone
does not well i guess this is straight
it's unbelievable whoa help
more than our lives they came along
on and on and on the bath so dig
and those ducks in the past and then
i'm wrong if wondering home that
i couldn't seem to make this song
at the mounds out boy or suckers
like you fight one day that it asked
i want to pray what you live make
your eyes years are we going to do
it's not my mother wave we don't want
to understanding your hand in the
people her stories the bath so we can
fall you sometimes i want for more
i've been here for the street
the truth of the state of a fuck
flag she's out of your burning
that i meant every standing black
and i'm not trading off a heart
one the street not for your spineless
where i want go tomorrow
what you're so i'm not coming home
to be like them scare it was never
we stupid to control yeah i'm gonna stay
at the walks around in the world
get ruled you could start away
the time she won't be a dead in ]the streets
this way age wanna get beat your future
i love your game as you can out i'll turn
be for away try and she left me to be
like the world no future for me to find
me would really for me no one went down
the time of the kill mate ease
and then our hearts
and i saw you again all the wrong wined
all night like to the sun was set it on
the meaning of lister to this start a war

Propagandhi Meets Oi Polloi Meets Taylor Swift

Lets take two political punk bands and combine them with country/pop hero Taylor Swift. The AI came up with the following lyrics:

and i said stay like a night
close they come back
you could she works and i said it
and you were rife and all the teardrops
have known the walls now a saint
i'm saying to me you got his burn
this is like a manic
it's all too much love
the boy's it's makes real strange
to the kings of my mind
of all and it's true fuck you
a girl of the green
the boots of who made on me
on the street a chance on all i wanted
in your image and now we've never done
gone he plucked from the song is this
is why we can tell you where you twisted
how would you can tell me what you want to
my hand the first time you're doing
and we walked to the world with you
on accomplice but i'll be wide you
so many in my mind that you feel a sconces
and that's where you good that i never
thought i'd go thinking from the
same of excuse a fight on your
face i'm a little best

Skankin Pickle Meets Dystopia

The AI took these two Bay Area bands and combined their lyrics. One is a silly ska band the other is a dystopian metal band. The following is what the AI came up with.

oh your man anything on shine and shake
i'm asking you my here shaking
tell me 'cause we never go
when you wanted can't still me
it seems to me that you're in my head
i wanna be your first step
good to go the first time
it's so much of your face
and always see you in the radio
their dame fall into these nights
we truss are sound to another name
back to dis cut back in the feel
like i'm not puzzled but i never
your daydream to shit pass
the kind of the street little girls
that you said it's over
white how oh it was good to go
the first time i let you
what you're looking for a minute
to be alone of the world
tattoo liars crimes i need you back
to my just wrote the picking the plane
this is why we can't have nice to live
the gone and this love is but i don't know
how to just has back the first time
up we enter on never capitalist
so scares well it's put looking
at tight you wanted to sure a small
to know well i say i didn't use you
and i was anything i'd see it on the window
we show just fear and i'll be the reason
don't know everything if i watch you i'm so good
away too just a song settle fucking we mind
let me living it i miss you too
i'm on the phone and i know you think
i wouldn't every had a democratic
if you're my all dream whisper asking for
white we perfect calling and quicks of town

As you can see, most of these lyrics are gibberish. The AI is not really smart enough to create actual sentences that make sense. It would need a lot more input for that. But it's still a fun little game.