The Lost Church Venue Review

The first thing that I noticed about The Lost Church is how intimate the venue is. Think of a very small theater, with a stage and then chairs set up around the stage. The maximum capacity is 65 people. The Lost Church calls itself a listening room.

This is not a venue where you go and have a conversation while the performance is happening. Instead, the focus is clearly on the stage. This is a venue where you go for the performers more so than going to just to hang out with friends.

The venue as a whole is very well put together. It feels like a mini vaudeville theater. There's lots of drapes and wood furnishings. There is an overlook above the stage and a little bar in the adjacent room.

Events At The Lost Church

As mentioned above, The Lost Church is a small venue. Expect to be close to the stage and the sound to not be overly loud. Most of the events have chairs that are first-come first-serve. You can buy tickets online ahead of time or with cash at the front door.

The venue has a wide variety of performances. This includes music, magic and spoken word.


The Lost Church is right next to 16th Street BART in the Mission district. It's a great location, though the entrance can be a little difficult to find as it is very nondescript. If walking from BART down 16th street, take a left of Capp and rigth after Adair St there will be a door on your right hand side. That is the entrance to The Lost Church.

You can find a listing of all their shows and performances on their website.

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