Killed By Desk Podcast - What Do Punx Do When They Get Old?

As an aging (former?) punk rocker, I often wonder what people I used to know or see around the scene do now. Well, thanks to Killed By Desk podcast I can now find out! The premise of the podcast is a bunch of aging punks who now have day jobs interview other punks about their day jobs, how they got there, and how it relates to their punk lives.

I really enjoy the podcast. The hosts tend to have more laughing fits than I would like, but other than that the show is really entertaining. I was surprised to see how many different professions the interviewees have. There's scientists, union representatives, politicians, teachers, actors, etc. Learning the different aspects of all these jobs would be an interesting podcast on its own. But when you add in the punk rock factor it really becomes cool. And I recognize a lot of the bands the interviewees were in, and even know a few from the Bay Area punk scene.

A lot of the interviews jump between the day job and the punk rock lives of the interviewees and how the two relate (or don't). It's a fun mix of explaining aspects of different professions and also telling punk stories about going on tour or whatever.

There's currently close to 50 episodes and more coming out every week.

I don't listen to many podcasts, but I've listened to a dozen episodes of this one of the last month. If you think hearing punks talk about their day jobs might be interesting check out Killed by Desk on your favorite podcast platform. Oh, and great homage to the Killed by Death albums!